At Scott’s Fireplace Products we not only take pride in our high quality products but in our service we provide along with them. We stand behind out motto “One Stop Shop” which represents the sale, the installation and the service provided here at Scott’s Fireplace Products.

We also know gas logs or gas fireplaces seem to stop working or have issues in the middle of the winter when you need them the most. This can cause frustration and headaches because service can get backed up during the winter season. We recommend having your gas fireplace serviced in the spring/summer so you can enjoy the warmth of winter and avoid the long wait periods.

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding service for your gas log or gas fireplace:

  • Gas fireplaces are NOT maintenance free
  • Vent Free or Vent-less gas fireplaces should be cleaned and maintained every two to three years
  • Vented gas logs should be serviced every few years
  • Homeowners with direct vent fireplaces or inserts should clean the inside of the front glass window every season
  • If your remote stops working, please remember there is a receiver box with batteries that have most likely died and need to be changed, not just the battery in the hand-held remote

Please fill out our contact form to submit a service request. Make sure to include the make and model of your fireplace. If you are unable to obtain that information, please tell us what type of gas fireplace: vented, vent free/vent-less or direct vent.