Vented Gas Logs

Campfire by American Gas Log

Campfire Vented Gas Log by American Gas Log

We, at Scott’s Fireplace Products, feature the Campfire Vented Gas Log by American Gas Log (found in their Best Fire Series), truly has more to offer combining luxury and quality with technological design achievements. Intricately detailed logs are each hand-painted with natural bark patterns reflecting the rugged distinction and variety of natural logs. The Ever-glo ember bed enhancement system provides glowing embers at the heart of the fire for a brilliant flame, as well as, a tremendous amount of radiant heat unmatched by any wood burning fire. Best Fire’s clean burning burner system allows you to enjoy a beautiful fire for only pennies an hour. The convenience of this gas log means no ashes, no sparks, and virtually no air pollution. Whether your logs are burning or not, they provide genuine fireplace elegance inspired by nature all year long.

Vented Gas logs are designed to operate in wood-burning fireplaces that have a minimum of an 8” flue and the damper open.

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