Vent-Free Gas Logs

Unlike a wood fire, vent-free gas logs create a consistent, controlled heat – without dangerous flare-ups. Vent-free gas logs warm your room quickly by producing a convection heat with a 99.9% efficiency rating, while using about half the energy of a traditional vented gas log. The average 24” Vent-Free Gas Log produces 36,000 BTU’s on the high setting (which can heat approximately 1,125 square feet) and 25,000 BTU’s on the low setting (which can heat approximately 780 square feet).

Empire Comfort Systems, located in Belleville, Illinois, is our featured manufacturer of our vent-free products. They have been dedicated to continuous product improvement and growing wealth of experience since their establishment in 1932.

If you are a homeowner looking to convert an existing wood burning, there are two vent free gas fireplace options:

In lieu of masonry wood burning fireplace, there are also two vent free gas fireplace options:

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