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Our Direct-Vent Fireplaces are only from the best quality manufacturers, Valor and Empire Comfort Systems, and are installed by “in-house” highly trained and experienced professionals.

While a traditional fireplace provides an open burning chamber that vents through a chimney, a direct vent fireplace does not require a chimney, and can vent horizontally out a sidewall or vertically to the roof. The Valor Direct-Vent Fireplace has a sealed combustion chamber that is highly efficient, drawing in air for combustion from the outside and expelling gasses to the outside as well. The fixed front glass panel radiates a steady even radiant heat into the room. The direct vent fireplace heats a room without robbing it of oxygen or of the heated air it is providing, while also keeping it free of fumes and combustible materials such as embers or ash.

A direct vent fireplace can be a wonderful choice for rooms in which a traditional fireplace is not practical or possible. Direct-Vent fireplaces provide clean warmth and the cheery glow of real fire. Direct-Vent fireplaces save space by allowing furniture to be positioned closer to the fireplace opening.

If you've always wanted a fireplace but didn't think it was possible - or considered the traditional fireplace too messy - you might consider a direct vent fireplace. It could be just what your home needs for those crisp winter nights.

There is much more to the story … stop in, look and get professional guidance from our experienced staff. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Empire Tahoe Direct-Vent
Premium 42” Box

Empire Tahoe Direct-Vent
Premium 42” Box


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